2 de junho de 2009

A "Pleasant Revolution Music Tour" chegou ao fim

"On Halloween 2007, The Ginger Ninjas, and guest SHAKE YOUR PEACE!, launched the epic “Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour” from N. San Juan, California, heading 5000 miles down to the southern end of Mexico. There are no sag-wagons nor buses hauling our gear. Everything, including the 1000 Watt human-powered PA System, is hauled entirely on bicycle. The tour comes in the wake of the excitement at the first ever Bicycle Music Festival, Aug. 11, 2007, which announced the emerging bicycle-music movement to the world like a piano dropped from a 24th floor window announces itself to a San Francisco sidewalk: with life-altering momentum, filled with melodies, and destroying the oft-trod roads of old. Music and bicycles—universal symbols of humility, openness and connection, elements of our common humanity, and paragons of low-tech sustainability—become vehicles for seeing the world at human speed.
From the Sierra Nevada through the suburban wastelands and urban decay of southern California, over the world’s busiest border crossing, across the wilderness and austere beauty of Baja, into the heart of megapolitan Mexico City, and down to the land of mystic pyramids, the team will play shows, record music with local musicians, and advocate for a leapfrog-style transition to sustainable transportation.
The team comes with the message that bikes are an essential and beautiful part of a sustainable transportation system and that Mexico still has the opportunity to skip US-style development and our suburbanized cult of the car."

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